There's more behind good sound than just an expensive microphone.
For a professional sounding production, it is essential to sort out what works for your song from the very beginning.

I guide you through all production steps from pre-production to the final release, to make the most out of your music, and craft a sound that's on par with your favorite records.
200 square meter studio space, high-end recording gear, great acoustics
and most important: a friendly, unforced atmosphere offer the best possible foundation for capturing your Emotions.

You'll get support when choosing instruments
and playing styles, as well as with arranging and overdubbing, to create unique
sounds that get you noticed as an artist
For your music to sound big and punchy,
I process your recordings, in order to create a professional, yet organic sound that fit's your individual style & genre, and helps you get bigger shows and more streams.

When recording on your own (or in different studios), we'll discuss your best options upfront, to make the best out of your music, with just the gear you have at your disposal.




Christoph Eymannsberger
Christoph Eymannsberger

Audio Engineer, Producer

My passion for recording and music-production started over 10 years ago while writing songs and playing guitar in indie, punk, and hardcore bands.

Over three years as a Junior- Sound Engineer in a renowned Viennese recording studio (gosh!audio), as well as a master's degree in sound engineering, taught me technical skills, a fast and efficient workflow but above all: Authenticity is the most important factor when it comes to producing great records.

For this reason in 2016, I established Schall & Wahn, to work only in genres and with bands that I like in order to make records that actually help you as an artist to move forward.


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