What We Do

We provide guidance through the recording process to achieve a professionally full sounding representation of your ideas. Whereas we offer help with arrangement, sound choices, guitar overlays and vocal harmonies, we believe that final creative decisions are to be made by the artists. Learn more about our STUDIO.

We mix and edit raw recordings into smoothly and coherently sounding songs. We want to present music in a way listeners can emotionally connect to - regardless of which device or platform. We also offer to mix recordings not produced at our studio, and provide Editing, Drumsampling and Guitar Reamping. Feel free to REQUEST A QUOTE

Live Sessions
We try to support the independent music scene. Since 2016 we have hosted LIVE SESSIONS with local and international indie/emo/punk/alternative bands and solo artists. By providing studio-quality recordings and working together our beloved camera geeks, we try to let artists shine in the best light possible.

What it sounds like

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Recording Studio

Our studio is equipped with high-quality analog and digital gear. That is, however, only partially responsible for the final sound of a record. The most important aspect of the recording process is for you to feel comfortable. We have created a casual and friendly, non-technical environment, thereby getting rid of any creative boundaries. While being acoustically optimized for recording instruments and live tracking, our recording space looks just like a cozy living room. For the nerds among you, go to the  "Gear"-page for an extensive list of our gear.

Who We Are


Audio Engineer, Producer

Audio geek, ProTools Ninja. Helps with arrangement and sound choices as well as taking care of all the recording technicalities.


Producer, Studio Host

Grammar freak, pedal geek. Helps with arranging melodies. Solves pronunciation/intonation issues


Camera, Videoproduction

freelance cinematographer who works in film and advertisement and takes care of our video department

We are happy to answer any question about our services, our rates or about your project. Feel free to drop us a message.

Current Projects

Some impressions of our current work. If you're interested head over to our Facebook or Instagram to follow us!
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